Candidate registration

Candidate Registration Process.

To be considered for a role please take the time to go through the Candidate Registration Process. There are some standard questions we need to ask to assess your suitability for one of our roles.

Application Terms

  1. Acceptance

By completing this Applicant Registration Form to us, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by these Application Terms.

  1. Confidentiality

You agree that you will keep all information that we have provided to you which:

  • is designated by us as being confidential; or
  • you know or ought reasonably to have known is confidential,

to yourself and will only use the information strictly for the purposes for which it was provided.

  1. Job Application

You agree that:

  • you initially provided us with the information required in this Application, for the purposes of being put forward as a candidate in respect of a specified role; and
  • you want us keep your Application along with all ancillary information and documentation (Other Information) that you provided to us so that we may continue to try to place you in a role, where you have been unsuccessful in securing the role that you applied for.
  1. Information
  • Completeness

You warrant that all information on this Application, along with all the Other Information that you have provided to us is accurate, complete and correct.

  • Update of information

Unless you notify us that you no longer wish to be on our database, you agree to promptly provide us with any applicable updates or changes to your relevant information so that we can maintain the accuracy of our records.

  • Privacy Policy

All personal information that we come into contact with is collected, stored and used in accordance with our privacy policy.

  1. Contact
  • Consent to contact Referees

You consent to us contacting any of your listed referees or previous employers for the purposes of qualifying you:

  • for the specified job that you have provided the Application form for; or
  • for any other role that we are recruiting for, where you have provided us with written confirmation that you are interested in the role.
  1. Contact with client’s prohibited

You must not directly contact any of our client’s and all communications to any of our client’s must be directed to them via us, unless an offer of employment has been made by and accepted by you or we have otherwise agreed for you to communicate directly with the relevant client.

  1. 12 month prohibition

If you have been placed by us in a role we were recruiting for, you must not participate or attempt to participate in further recruitment managed by us, within 12 calendar months of the commencement of your placement unless you:

  • have tendered your resignation for the position you were placed in;
  • were made redundant by the employer; or
  • your employer has provided us with their express consent.
  1. Solely responsible for Role
  • You acknowledge and agree that the role that you are interested in is with our client. Accordingly, you are solely responsible for confirming the position:
    • requirements;
    • duration; and
    • remuneration (Role Specifications).
  • While we take all reasonable care to ensure that all the information with respect to every role we provide to our candidates is accurate and correct, ultimately the information is being passed on from our client to you and as a consequence may inherently contain errors.
  • You covenant and agree to release and forever hold us harmless with respect to any errors in the Role Specifications information that we have provided to you.

To apply with a confidential discussion, please contact Shona Grant on 0400 746 593