About Us

We have 20 years’ trusted experience in tailoring solutions for clients and candidates. We nurture careers.

PINK COLLAR – the new white in recruitment, where recruitment is all about the individual, may that be the individual candidate or an individual organisation.

At PINK COLLAR, we care! PINK COLLAR is a boutique recruitment agency that specialises in really getting to know their candidates and clients , and understanding their individual needs. We are not about quantity.

We have no aspirations of taking over the world, or monopolising the marketplace. We have our niche and we’re motivated by long-term , enduring, quality partnerships. As such we are are selective as to whom we can best represent, enduring successful outcomes and longevity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide premium tools and services that empower people around the world to participate in WordPress community.

Our Philosphy

We believe money is not the goal. But when people exchange their money for our products, it shows us that we’re doing the right things.